Logistics Software

We have developed in-house, comprehensive customized logistics management software especially for the oil & gas E&P activities. The software controls the entire flow of information from the receiving a request for application of an EC and pre-alert for collection of a shipment, tracking the status and flow of the shipment and up to the delivery of the shipment to the final destination and invoicing.

The software also features automatic email alerts of shipment status to the client on request. A presentation of the software flow chart and some of the screen shots are shown to briefly demonstrate the capabilities.

Brief outline of the software flow:

In the main page we have the following heads like managing clients data base, jobs, reports, enquiries, quotations, feedback, setting, Exit.

In Jobs Home?New Job?Manage FF?Manage clearance?Invoice?Goods Movement?Goods Status?Job Status alongwith customized filter arrangements.

Registering jobs in which we can enter all the client information and his clearance requirement.

In Freight Forwarding Home we can extract the information like customer details?Supplier Invoice?Packages?Airway bill?Cargo schedule?Bill of Entry?Pre-alerts?Delivery Order?Notes?Paymnet details.

In Clearance Home we can extract the information like Essentiality Certificate?Bill of Entry?Clearnece details etc.

In Invoicing section we can find the details of the invoicing.

In Goods Movement we can track the shipment from the origin to the destination.

We can view the Status of the job, extract process review report.

The software also has a customized filter options where we can extract information for and take weekly, monthly reports for documents filed in, customer name, description of goods, invoice no. / date, invoice value, invoice received on, advised on, EC application sent to DGH on, EC application sent to Delhi, Application filed to DGH, receipt of EC, EC no., EC date, BOE / SB No., Assessable value, Trans mode, BL / AWB No., Landed date, gross wt., No. of packs, bond amount, bond no., cleared date, dispatched date, received by branch on, remarks, AAI No., days took for clearance, days for dispatching, delivery adhered, debit note amount, our invoice amount, total amount, days took for applying EC., days took for receiving EC, PO no., shipper name, AAI amount, AAI date, demurrage amount.

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Logistics Software

Customized Logistics SoftwareWe have developed in-house, comprehensive customized logistics management software especially for the oil & gas E&P activities. More...